Testing enterprise features in OSS without the license

Can somebody clarify licensing of enterprise features when only used in OSS project to test that integration works?

We would like to run e2e test to verify token-based authentication with document-level security. We are planning to build ES image (pushed to public docker hub) with installed enterprise modules and use it in our CI to verify that the whole setup works. Initially we want to start with ES5 and later migrate to ES6.

Do we need to buy a license for our use case? Could somebody provide feedback how we could proceed in this scenario?

No, you don’t need a license unless you move your installation to production. For a non-production system like a CI you can try out and use the enterprise features for as long as you like.

Thanks for the response.

Can we publish the ES image with enterprise modules to public dokerhub repository?

Sure, you can. As long as the images are not used in production, there is no problem with that.

We will not use them in prod, but they will be publicly avaiable.

Understood, that’s fine. We also have a couple of images out there that we use for testing and integration purposes, so it’s not an issue for us.

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