Specific Dashboards for specific users


I have search guard up and running with kibana. I have my configuration down to dashboards only for specific users. The last piece of functionality I want is to set specific dashboards to a specific group of users i.e. groupA and groupB. So far i have created two new index’s to create two separate dashboards. Is this the way to go? I originally copied the sg_kibana_user configuration, changed the name and set a new index belonging to one of the new dashboards i created. It sounds logical to me. Can someone help me with this? Really struggling with this now

For separating dashboards and visualizations based on roles, you would need to use the SG Multi Tenancy feature which is an Enterprise feature:

Creating separate indices will not really help. Per default, Kibana stores all objects in a single index, and it also uses the internal Kibana server user to read and write this index. So without multi tenancy you are probably out of luck.

There is one workaround which which I can think of right now. You could use a proxy that intercepts the calls from KI to ES, and then rewrite the index name. This is the approach that this project uses:

However, I have not followed the progress of the own home project, so I cannot tell if it is still maintained or not.

I’ll definitely give it a look. Thanks again

I have been looking into the own home solution and it seems very tricky to implement. I also looked into creating multiple kibana instances but in reality that isn’t practical in a sense that I would need to install search guard on each instance leaving me with no centralised admin control. Can you think of any other ideas? This is looking impossible with the community version

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