Mulitenant dashboard/visualization sharing

Is there a way to share dashboards/visualizations between tenants but show only appropriate data related to each private tenant.
Adding a dashboard to the global tenant (encompassing the index pattern of all private tenants *) throws an unauthorized error when trying to show that embedded dashboard to a private tenant because the private tenant has access only to its part of the data.
The other possible solution is to create the same visualization/dashboard object and use the import API to push it upon on each tenant creation so basically each tenant has the same visualization but its on object.
Is the later a viable option and are there any other ways this could be achieved?

The Global tenant is shared with every user. All Kibana applications objects that were created under the Global tenant should be visible to all users.

Can you paste the error here?

Also, please add the following data:

  • sgconfig yml files
  • kibana.yml
  • elasticsearch.yml
  • Kibana log
  • Elasticsearch log

The unauthorized error was due to do_not_fail_on_forbidden flag being set to false and the creation of the visualizations object for individual tenants proved to be possible by targeting the tenant .kibana index which can be found here: Tenant saved objects .kibana index - #2 by hsaly

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