Body support for Signals HTTP Input of type GET

Elasticsearch search GET query requires to pass a body with it and with current Signals, HTTP Input does not support passing of JSON Body with it.

Feature request: To enable passing of Json Body with GET requests on HTTP Input of Signals.

@Raj.Jikadra Are you referring to the Blocks view in the Signal’s watch?
As per the screenshot, the HTTP input contains the Body section.

@pablo , yes I am referring to the Blocks view in the Signal’s Watch. And it does contain body section, but it’s not actually used for the request for the GET requests.

For now my workaround is to use POST request for the same, as elasticsearch supports both GET and POST type requests for Search.

But not all services have POST support for GET requests.

@Raj.Jikadra Thanks for sharing the screenshots. Could you share exact versions of ElasticSearch, Kibana and SG plugins?

@pablo ElasticSearch and Kibana are on 8.7.1

and SG Plugin: FLX 1.4.0

@Raj.Jikadra I’ve tested your scenario and I’ve got the same results. I’ve reported this issue to the Dev team.

Please follow the link below for further details.

@pablo thanks for testing it out.

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