Signals Alerting has arrived

Hi all,

today we are super excited to announce the first technical preview of Signals, our Alerting solution for Elasticsearch.

We have been working very hard on Signals for the last couple of months and talked a lot with users and customers about their specific requirements and use cases. And we believe we have come up with a pretty neat solution for those use cases ;).

Signals can be used and configured either as a standalone extension to Search Guard or by using the Signals Kibana plugin. You can use the REST API which gives you full control over all features, or the Kibana UI, which makes it super-easy to set up the most common use cases.

Once Signals is GA, it will be bundled and shipped with Search Guard in all future releases, so you do not need to install any additional plugins. It’s one download and one install containing both Search Guard for security and Signals for Alerting. As easy as that.

The technical preview builds on Elasticsearch and Kibana 7.3.1 and can be downloaded from the following locations:

The documentation can be found here:

As with Seach Guard, we will provide a Community Edition of Signals which is fully functional but will pose some minor limits on the number and types of watches you can configure. Signals Enterprise will be included in all Search Guard Enterprise and Compliance licenses without any additional cost.

Note that this is a technical preview, so there are still some moving parts, and not all planned features are available yet. Give Signals a try and provide your feedback regarding any issues, bugs and of course, also feature requests on our forum:

Also, I’d like to thank the Search Guard development team for their hard work, commitment and passion for Signals. Highly appreciated!

Thanks for your support and feedback!

Jochen and the Search Guard team

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Awesome, and thanks for all the efforts. Do you have any idea when the preview for 7.4.0 would be compiled for Signals plugin?

We’re working on the next milestone which will be made available for the then-latest ES version. ETA is 2-3 weeks.

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we have new builds for ES v7.4.0 now available:

ES plugin:

KI plugin:

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