Where to submit merge requests

I’d like to submit a merge request, but I can’t fork the repo at git.floragunn.com

Hi @faxmodem. What repository would you like to fork?

search-guard please search-guard · GitLab

also, which branch should I submit the MR to ? master seems outdated vs. 7.5.x

Try to fork, now it should be allowed. Do PRs to master.

also, I submitted 2 issues a while ago, just so you know - cheers

Your issues are related to Kibana plugin. We have a separate repository for it. Use it if you have SG Kibana plugin issues. I moved the issues. search-guard / Search Guard Kibana Plugin · GitLab

my MR seems blocked due to missing permissions to run the CI:

I believe we fixed this. Please check by pushing something as a part of this PR.

indeed I just hit retry and it’s running

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