Documentation fix


I wanted to submit a fix for the documentation, but it seems the upstream project has been moved.
The URL I was using is search-guard / docs · GitLab


First, thanks for contributing! That’s weird. The documentation repository location has not changed for ages IMHO, so the URLs should still be valid.


Clone with HTTPS:

Clone with git:

What kind of error do you get?

I must have messed up something.
Here is the MR F/fix 6 to 7 upgrade (!1) · Merge requests · Fabien Wernli / search-guard-docs · GitLab

My fork just says “forked from an inaccessible project”

Something seems to be misconfigured here; I will look a closer at it later. If you don’t mind, I will manually pick your changes over.

Thanks for your contribution!

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while I have you, the link to the kibana plugin is broken for 7.10.2 in Latest Releases | Security for Elasticsearch | Search Guard it points to but only 51.0.0 is available

Ah, thanks for the heads up, will take a look at this as well.

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Hi, did you have time to look into the missing kibana 53.0.0 artifact ?

It is now available at:

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