GitLab source move

I see that the Search Guard codebase was moved a couple of days ago to Gitlab to escape Github restrictions.

It seems to have been migrated as a single commit, omitting all the commit history. Is there any plan to change that? It seems to me that you could add it as a remote on a workspace you have and push that - but maybe you have reasons you don’t want to?

It’s obviously very useful to be able to refer to the history - I have another post that I want to make here about a problem with Action Groups which I think is due to something being omitted in an upgrade from 7.0 to 7.1, but it’s hard without referencing previous commits.

Currently we can not make the history public (but maybe in the future). If you need to find differences I recommend for now to do a diff against the code in question.

If you still have trouble please contact us here: Contact the Search Guard team - get in touch with us

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