Technical Preview for ES v7.3.2

Hi Team,
I have staging cluster with ES version v7.3.2 and signal technical preview cannot be installed since technical preview for signals are available for ES v7.3.1. May I know whether the version 7.3.2 will be available or I can override the version by modifying the signals version number.


At the moment we are planning to directly jump to 7.4.0 with the next Signals iteration. However we’d love to get as much feedback as possible before we go into beta and GA. Let me check on the status of the Signals build pipeline, maybe it’s easy to release a 7.3.2 version.

Of course you can modify the version file. Since it’s only a patch version difference it might work, but I suspect you will encounter some unwanted side effects.

Hi Yash,

we have new builds for ES v7.3.2 now:

ES plugin:

KI plugin:

Hi @jkressin,

Thanks for the work, I will test the new plugin.