Search Guard v6.8.10-25.6 source code is not able to be compiled


I download Search Guard v6.8.10-25.6, it looks there are some errors in pom.xml.

I got the following error, could someone take a look and advise?

Failed to execute goal pl.project13.maven:git-commit-id-plugin:2.2.3:revision (get-the-git-infos) on project search-guard-6: .git directory is not found! Please specify a valid [dotGitDirectory] in your pom.xml


Hi. What did you do to get this error? Give a list of commands you executed.

In the branch, Search Guard/v6.8.10-25.6, the pom.xml requires search-guard-parent 6.22.2 parent pom.xml, but it is not available in Maven repository. this causes error.

Sorry for the inconvenience, the branch has been pushed

Thanks Sir, but I just did a quick check it looks the 6.22.2 has not yet been push there, could you please double check when you get a moment?

thanks sir, but I did a quick check it looks it has not yet been put there. could you please take a look when you get a moment?
6.22.2 is missing.

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