Search Guard artifact naming

Why are the Search Guard artifacts named to include the major version? I’ve only just noticed that this causes me trouble for build management: I have a Jenkins job for my authentication extension where I can pass in Elastic and Search Guard version numbers to build without source code changes, but with the name change from search-guard-6 to search-guard-7 I now have to go back and change anyway. I’ll add another configurable property for the artifact name now, but it seems unnecessary.

You can’t I presume use Search Guard 6 in Elastic 7 or vice versa, so why include it in the name?

That is because of historical reasons because the artifact name ‘search-guard’ contains never officially released versions for Elasticsearch 1 based on the Elastic Defender codebase with different configuration syntax (ACL instead of RBAC). So we choose to to append the major version to make this clear (search-guard-2, search-guard-5, search-guard-6, search-guard-7)

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