Question Regarding Transmitting Password for client.key in Kibana SSL/TLS Setup


I am currently testing connecting to Kibana using Client certificates, as described in Installing the Search Guard Kibana Plugin | Security for Elasticsearch | Search Guard. In this guide, I found the section where I need to input root-ca.pem, client.crt, and client.key as follows:

elasticsearch.ssl.certificateAuthorities: “/path/to/your/root-ca.pem”
elasticsearch.ssl.certificate: “/path/to/your/client.crt”
elasticsearch.ssl.key: “/path/to/your/client.key”

While I have located where to input root-ca.pem, client.crt, and client.key, I couldn’t find the part where I provide the password for client.key. How can I pass the password for client.key to Kibana?

Thank you always.

@dafq Please use elasticsearch.ssl.keyPassphrase to configure the private key password.

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