Generating certificates for search guard

We are using 3 node cluster of elk 7.17.3v 2 logstash and 1 kibana.
searchguard version- 53.4.0

Inorder to generate certificate i have configured 3 elasticsearch nodes. And 1 kibana node under clients . I have attached the configuration screenshot .

Is the configuration is correct? where should we include kibana node under clients or nodes ? someone please help me with this issue.

@jis To secure a connection between the Kibana and Elasticsearch you will need the Elasticsearch CA certificate. However, you can bypass certificate verification by setting elasticsearch.ssl.verificationMode to none.

You’ll need a server certificate and key to secure a connection between Kibana and the browser.
In that case, you should add the Kibana certificate to your nodes section.

if we add the Kibana certificate to your nodes section. Then what should we add in clients section

@jis In the clients section, you should place any certificates that will be used to connection with the Elasticsearch cluster including admin certificates.

I am trying to generate the search guard TLS certificate to have the search guard connected to the elk cluster and kibana.
Can you please let me know where should the kibana ip server should be put in the yml file of the Tls tool to generate the certificate.

@jis Just follow your other nodes’ configuration. They already have IP configured.

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