I have installed the Search guard Plugin in all the ELK Servers and Kibana Server. How should i make the SC Work now

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Elasticsearch version: 7.17.3 .x

Server OS version: Windows

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After installing we are in to Certificate Generation. Can you please guide me how to generate Certs and what are all the Certs needed to have Search guard working

We do have ELK CLuster servers and Kibana Server

@amalk12 This section of the SG documentation describes TLS configuration.

Thanks for the Document, i have gone through it. I have couple of doubts on the same.

I have 5 node elk cluster and 2 Kibana. So i would be generating 7 certs all together. Out of which 5 will be node certs(elk) and 2 (Kibana) will be client certificates. One Client cert will be a Admin certificate.
Is my Understanding correct.

@amalk12 Kibana is also a node certificate. You’ll need it if you want to enable an SSL connection between the browser and Kibana UI.

All the rest is correct.

I want to first Enable SC Plugin in the ELK and Kibana, so i have the SC GUI Working . For HTTPS connections, i will generate a separate Certs from ELK TLS Utility.

So for Enabling the SC Plugin and GUI , I need to put in the node certs (elk) and Kibana(2 certs) with the client certificates in the yml file of the tls tool to generate the certificates

@amalk12 Correct

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