how to use custom domain ssl certs for searchgaurd

Hi Team,

I have configured Elasticsearch and kibana with search-gaurd plugin with demo certs,

Now for my production cluster …i need to use CA(godaddy) SSL certs for search-gaurd…

Could please provide me the high level steps to config this.

My config’s are

OS: Ubuntu 16.4

Single node Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch 6.5.4

Kibana 6.5.4

Search-gaurd 6.5.4

Oracle Java 1.8

Config filea are attachd.



When asking questions, please provide the following information:

  • Search Guard and Elasticsearch version

  • Installed and used enterprise modules, if any

  • JVM version and operating system version

  • Search Guard configuration files

  • Elasticsearch log messages on debug level

  • Other installed Elasticsearch or Kibana plugins, if any

elasticsearch.yml (4.09 KB)

kibana.yml (5.73 KB)