Kibana quit not able to connect to elasticsearch

  • Elasticsearch version - 6.5.1
    kibana version 6.5.1
    SearchGuard plugin 6.5.1

OS: centos 7

TLS offline to generate certificate.

JVM - Java 1.8.0

Hello all,

I have installed elasticsearch, kibana and searchguard. All version 6.5.1

And all are working fine till I wanna connect kibana to elasticsearch

But the program keep exiting and is due to this error.

waiting for elasticsearch_tls_common.js:104

error:06065064: digital envelope routines: EVP_DecryptFinal_ex: bad_decrypt:

Does anyone know if there is any missing configuration from the file.

Kindly help.


sg_config.yml is default from the demo version

elasticsearch.ymlelasticsearch.yml (3.8 KB)
kibana.yml (5.4 KB)

From the error message I’d say that the key you configured here:

elasticsearch.ssl.key: AdminNode.key

is actually password protected, is this correct?

If so you probably also need to set:


For debugging purposes, can you just comment these two lines in your kibana.yml and see if it makes a difference?

elasticsearch.ssl.certificate: AdminNode.pem
elasticsearch.ssl.key: AdminNode.key

Also, if you set the verification mode to none:

elasticsearch.ssl.verificationMode: none

You actually do not need to specify the root CA:

elasticsearch.ssl.certificateAuthorities: ["root-ca.pem" ]

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Hi jkressin,

Thanks for the reply.

By commenting out both the pem and .key, I able to connect es with kibana with search guard.

But may I know whats the actual reason behind commenting this two lines.

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