Query on Kibana logout button diabled when ProxyAuth is enabled

Hi @srgbnd
Referring to Kibana Logout button is missing when proxy authentication is enabled, May I know the reason for disabling the logout button when ProxyAuth or Kerberos is enabled?
And also how can a user logout from Kibana UI when ProxyAuth is enabled?

Hi @chaitra_hegde
Because in case of proxy authentication, the proxy server provides authentication mechanism. The proxy server is an external system and Search Guard doesn’t have control over it. Same with Kerberos.
Why? Do you have any error or problem?

Once the user is logged in to Kibana using proxy authentication, I want to know how to logout from Kibana UI.
Because when openid authentication is enabled, the user is logged in via openid to Kibana and the user can logout using the logout button present in Kibana UI.

Hi @srgbnd
Any updates on this?

Do you have HTTP basic authentication configured on your proxy? HTTP does not provide a method for a web server to instruct the client to “log out” the user https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basic_access_authentication
The credentials are stored in the browser cache. You can clean the cache to delete them.

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