Kibana session doesn't expire in a expected time when proxy based authentication is enabled

I have confgiured below two searchguard parameter for kibana under kibana_configmap_yml section.

kibana_configmap_yml: |-

searchguard.cookie.ttl: 300000
searchguard.session.ttl: 300000

When the Kibana UI session remains idle for 5 mins (as configured above) , and try to hit any tab in Kibana UI , the session is expected to expire - it should either redirect to the user login page or give an appropriate msg “Session expired”

The above parameters are not working as expected when proxy based authentication is enabled for Kibana.

Could you please suggest how Kibana session can be expired when proxy based authentication is enabled ?


The setting you used are valid only if the basic authentication is used

In case of proxy, SeachGuard has no control over session. Look, there are no session related options for proxy authentication in the documentation

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