Please ensure that xpack.reporting.encryptionKey is set Error during report creation

Hi folks,

I am facing following Error. Each time I want to generate new csv Report in kibana I see following:

Error: Failed to decrypt report job data. Please ensure that xpack.reporting.encryptionKey is set and re-generate this report. Error: Unsupported state or unable to authenticate data

My Kibana config looks like this: kibana ""
elasticsearch.hosts: "https://elastic.url:9200"  
elasticsearch.username: ${ELASTICSEARCH_USERNAME}
elasticsearch.password: ${ELASTICSEARCH_PASSWORD} false
searchguard.auth.type: "basicauth"
xpack.reporting.encryptionKey: 38747239hdjksdkjasdu291834zejhb
xpack.reporting.csv.maxSizeBytes: 1048576000
  certificateAuthorities: /path/to/ca.crt
  verificationMode: full

Do you have any hints?
Do you maybe need specific permissions for doing reports?


Edit: Everything is in 7.6.2 Version + respectvice Search Guard version

@Kosmonafft Which user/role/permissions are you using to generate report? There would need to be cluster permissions assigned, but if not a different error is generated.

Can you share the role/s definitions assigned to the user and the full kibana.yml if above is not complete (redact any sensitive details)

Thanks for the responce. Sorry for late reply:

This is our role mapping. I use the SGS_ALL_ACCESS group which is given by default from search guard. As far as I understood this is the “admin” role.

  reserved: true
  hidden: false
  - "admin"
  hosts: []
  users: []
  and_backend_roles: []
  description: "Maps admin to SGS_ALL_ACCESS"

@Kosmonafft I am not able to reproduce your error using admin user.
Could you DM me your configuration files:
(redact any sensitive details)

Could you please check if the user is mapped to any other roles, you can do that via kibana if you add “searchguard.accountinfo.enabled: true” to kibana.yml or via curl command below:

curl --insecure -u: -XGET “https://localhost:9200/_searchguard/authinfo?pretty

Can you please also confirm that you are using v41.0.0 of elasticsearch plugin and v41.1.0 of kibana plugin.

After the upgrade to 7.13.2 versions this error seems to not happen anymore

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