Now available: Search Guard FLX 1.1.0

Today, we are happy to announce the first minor update release of Search Guard FLX. Search Guard FLX 1.1.0 brings a number of enhancements for Signals and many bugfixes:

Unacknowledgeable actions

In some cases, you might want certain actions of a watch to execute every time - even if the watch got acknowledged before. Signals now supports a new boolean attribute for actions: ack_enabled. By default, the attribute is true. If you set the attribute to false, this action will be no longer acknowledged when you acknowledge a watch. You can also not directly acknowledge the action.

Landing page for acknowledging actions

You can now add a direct link for acknowledging an action to any notification sent by Signals. You just have to add the expression {{ack_watch_link}} or {{ack_action_link}} to any notification message template used in Signals actions. {{ack_watch_link}} lets you acknowledge the whole watch; {{ack_action_link}} lets you acknowledge just the action which triggered the notification.


The release contains bugfixes regarding:

  • DLS
  • Privilege issues with index .search_guard_resource_owner_service
  • sgctl set and sgctl migrate
  • Multi-Tenancy
  • The configuration sg_auth_token_service
  • And many more

You can find the full changelogs here:

You can find all versions here:

Search Guard Version Matrix

As always, we appreciate your feedback, questions, and feature requests here on the forum.

By the way, the GA version of Search Guard FLX for ES 8 is following soon.

Many greetings from the Search Guard team

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