Kibana readonly mode

i’ve been using searchguard for quiet a long time and it is awesome.
i know how readonly mode works : it just shows the dashboard and nothing else.
QUESTION : i need to define a user with permission to only dashboards and discover section and i want the other sections like management and etc disappears just like the user with readonly mode. is that possible ?
consider this photo :

Not at the moment, but this will be the next feature we release. It will enable you to configure Kibana application permissions per role, so you can control what applications a use can access. ETA is in the next 3-4 weeks.

wow thank you for your fast response !
i was asking this about 2 months ago and i was hopping this perfect function is now included in SG.
but thank you sir and i perfectly appreciate it.

Yes, initially we had plans to release it for ES 6. But since we had to make some changes in the SG config format to support this feature, we had to wait for SG 7. Apologies for the delay here!

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This is great news. Do you plan to have this as a community feature or will it be coupled to the read-only mode?

This will become a Community feature

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