Kibana ReadOnly Dashboard User with Uptime Dashboard

ElasticSearch Version: 7.0.0
SearchGuard ElasticSerach Plugin 7.0.0-35

Kibana Version: 7.0.0
SearchGuard Plugin 7.0.0-35

I was able to create a kibana dashboard read only user.

Is there any way to give permissions to the kibana_read_only user of the Uptime Dashboard too as we are currently using both the dashboards for monitoring.

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Is there any specific admin level priviledges to provide for the kibana_read_only_user?

Not at the moment, but we’re working on this issue at the moment. It will be release soon. For the time being, you cannot customize the Kibana applications per role.

Is it possible to create a user that has read only permissions on all resources from kibana GUI. As I am unable to create a user that has read acccess only in Kibana GUI .

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