Elastic.co infringement claim

I think you need to be making some sort of statement regarding this; it was a week ago now, and we’ve having to start considering our contingency options:

This is the initial statement, published 5th of September:

Thanks for the link, hadn’t seen that come up in feed or searches.
I was thinking more like, what are the short term implications for license renewal, but perhaps you’ll not be able to comment at this point.

625k lines of Java in X-Pack; 99k lines of that within security/;
26k lines of Java in SG7.
… 4½ class methods described in the filing.
There’s a lot of work there for an “independent analyst” …

We will be able to provide you with more information very soon. We stay with our statement that we see no basis for any copyright infringement at all. For further information just drop us a note via search-guard@floragunn.com. Thanks!

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