Search Guard RC1 released alongside with all dual licensed modules

We`re happy and proud to announce the first release candidate of Search Guard 2 for Elasticsearch 2.

It took us a few month to build all this but now we are ready for the final release which will happen on 17. June 2016.

Commercial modules and support will also be available on 17. June 2016. We ask you kindly to install and test RC1 and provide

you feedback to make this product even more stable and useful. Thanks in advance.

RC1 of Search Guard 2:

Dual licensed/commercial modules

*Although those are “open source” (which means you can look into the code) they are licensed under a “dual license”. *
*This dual license permits free (and fee of charge) usage for all non-commercial purposes (including academic use) *

*and for systems which are not in production. *For production systems you have to obtain a commercial license on a per-cluster base.

*Pls. look here *Licensing | Search Guard Community, Enterprise and Compliance Edition for details and *contact information. *

LDAP/Active Directory Authentication and Authorization:

Kerberos/SPNEGO Authentication:

Audit Log:

Document-/Fieldlevel Security:

JWT (JSON Web Token) Authentication: