Search Guard 2 officially released

Today is the day, Search Guard® 2 is officially available now:

We just released Search Guard, version It is fully compatible with ES 2.3.3. More releases for previous 2.x versions will be put out asap.

Check out Search Guard on github now!

Thank you all for your input and your patience!

Please see our website for details, find a first draft of the documentation here, and get our enterprise modules here:

If you miss the Kerberos and audit logging modules, please stay tuned. According to our plans they will be available in July.

For the brave and the curious who do not want to wait, the source code is already here:

And if you wonder how long it will take us to support ES5: We are working on it! Search Guard® SSL is already available for ES 5 alpha 3:

Any feedback is very welcome!

Stay in tuned, follow us on twitter and thanks for your support!