Document-level security with Elasticsearch 5.6.14

Is it possible to do document-level security module with Elasticsearch 5.6.14?

I’m using:

- Plugin information:
Name: search-guard-5
Description: Provide access control related features for Elasticsearch 5
Version: 5.6.14-19.2
Native Controller: false
 * Classname: com.floragunn.searchguard.SearchGuardPlugin links to

and says:

Choose the module version matching your Elasticsearch version, and download the jar with dependencies.

My Elasticsearch version is 5.6.14 so I’m looking for version 5.6.14 of the module. But the highest 5.x version of the module is 5.3-10.

In Search Guard 5 the version of the modules followed their own schema, because they were maintained as separate repositories. While it allowed for independent feature and bugfix releases, it was also quite confusing. We changed that for SG6 where the enterprise features come bundled with the main plugin.

For 5.6.x, the correct version of the DLS/FLS module is 5.3-10.

Thanks. I downloaded version 5.3-10 of the module and now I have this in my Elasticsearch logs

[2019-06-19T13:36:19,894][INFO ][c.f.s.SearchGuardPlugin ] FLS/DLS module available: true
so looks like I’m good to go.

I think it’s only confusing because the documentation tells people to download the module version that matches their Elasticsearch version when the module versions do not match Elasticsearch versions.

Pls refer to GitHub - floragunncom/search-guard-module-dlsfls: DLS/FLS Module for Search Guard 5

If there anything specific on GitHub - floragunncom/search-guard-module-dlsfls: DLS/FLS Module for Search Guard 5 you’d like me to refer to? It seems a bit odd that you’d ask me to refer to that page given that it says:

This page is outdated. Please refer to the Search Guard Documentation"

Thanks for the hint. I agree, the versioning schema was/is indeed confusing. We will add the versions for the latest modules to the docs to avoid this.

Please note that Elasticsearch 5.x is end of life, so you might want to consider upgrading to 6.x or 7.x which is the current major version of ES.

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