Alerting Plugin + X-Pack Basic

Hi there.

I’d like to know if is possible using x-pack (basic licesing) with security enabled alongside Signals (Alerting Plugin). I need only Alerting plugin. All of another stuff I’m using from x-pack.

Just FYI, latest Elastic have kibana alerting for free… alerts can create documents in an index or write to kibana logs … and eventually u can hook the index to Grafana for sending custom alerts to any end system …like pagerduty, email, slack etc

Signals Alerting is based on the security features of Search Guard for protecting sensitive information in watch definitions etc., so you cannot run it standalone. You can however run it with the Search Guard Community Edition, means use Security + Alerting from Search Guard, and all the rest from X-Pack.

Sounds good. Do you know if all X-Pack (basic) related stuff like Beats monitoring, APM, Metrics, etc? I won’t use OSS version.


@delphi all X-Pack apps except security work with SearchGuard.

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