TLS setup failing - ES 6.1.2

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Hi Team,

We are using Search Guard(6.1.2-20.1) with Elasticsearch (6.1.2) and Java 8 on Linux machines.

The 3 Sms having ES setup starts up fine.

But when they are configured to be part of 3 node cluster with TLS,they fail to talk to each other.

Error on master node

[ERROR][c.f.s.s.t.SearchGuardSSLNettyTransport] SSL Problem Received fatal alert: internal_error Received fatal alert: internal_error

Error on slave mode

[2018-03-08T09:27:07,772][WARN ][c.f.s.s.t.SearchGuardSSLNettyTransport] send message failed [channel: org.elasticsearch.transport.netty4.NettyTcpChannel@7d7d8965] SSLEngine closed already

at io.netty.handler.ssl.SslHandler.wrap(...)(Unknown Source) ~[?:?]

[2018-03-08T09:27:07,775][WARN ][c.f.s.s.t.SearchGuardSSLNettyTransport] exception caught on transport layer [org.elasticsearch.transport.netty4.NettyTcpChannel@7d7d8965], closing connection

io.netty.handler.codec.DecoderException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unexpected error: the trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty

Please share your valuable inputs to fix the error.