Configured demo intsallation search guard .but there is ssl exception

i installed on search guard on 3 nodes and when i start i am getting ssl exception like this .

Could i get help on this .its urgent . i followed step as mentioned here :Demo Installer | Security for Elasticsearch | Search Guard

this issues i am getting on when i start master node .
i could able to log in to thi https://localhost:9200/_searchguard/authinfo with admin/admin credentials .

The error message:

“Someone speaks transport plaintext …”

means that a node in your cluster tries to join but it does not have TLS enabled. IMHO this can only occur if you are trying to add a node that does not have Search Guard installed.

Another possibility, although less likely, is that you are trying to connect to your cluster with a Java TransportClient that does not have the SG plugin configured.

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