Sgctl Migration - Kibana Proxy not supported

I get the following warning when using the sgctl tool to try to migrate my old sg_config and old kibana.yml

Welcome to the Search Guard config migration tool.

This tool converts legacy Search Guard configuration to configuration suitable for the next generation Search Guard release.
The tool also provides basic guidance for a seamless update process without outages.

WARNING: We detected validation errors in the provided configuration files. We try to create the new configuration files anyway.
However, you might want to review the validation errors and the generated files.

Errors in xxxxxxxx/kibana.yml
The Kibana authentication type PROXY is not supported

And the only files I get out of them are a sg_authc.yml and sg_license file

I try to configure my system and sg and kibana will get up and running, but none of my logins will succeed. It doesn’t seem completely clear to me based on documentation, but is sg_config.yml completely deprecated? And it should all go to new sg_authc, sg_authz…etc etc files as listed here? Feature map - Search Guard 53 to FLX | Security for Elasticsearch | Search Guard

Yes, indeed sg_config.yml is supposed to be replaced by the other files.

Could you describe more in detail how you need to authenticate users in Kibana?

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