Searchguard installation not successful

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Elasticsearch version: 7.17.5

Server OS version: Ubuntu 22.04

Kibana version (if relevant): 7.17.5

Browser version (if relevant):

Browser OS version (if relevant):

Describe the issue: I am new to the SG and i have tried to install the search guard flx version in elasticsearch 7.17.5, not aware the installation is success or not. Do you have any step by step documentation to install the sg without any issues?

Steps to reproduce:

Expected behavior:

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kibana/config/kibana.yml (if relevant)

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Kibana (if relevant)

Screenshots (if relevant):

Errors in browser console (if relevant):

Additional data:

How about this?

We have followed this unfortunately it didn’t successful from my side.

So, concretely, what’s the trouble?

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