searchguard cluster problem

Dear ,

I have 2 questions.




sg-es0和sg-es1只做data node

sg-es2 只做master

sg-es3 只做client

但是出现第一个问题:启动集群后,卡在sg 初始化,然后改成sg-es0和sg-es1其中一个做master就可以初始化了

但是出现第二个温柔:只能通过admin证书去访问es集群,自定义的角色证书访问返回 HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

Before I had two nodes: sg-es0, sg-es1. Both of them are master and datanode, it worked fine.

Now I had four node: sg-es0, sg-es1, sg-es2, sg-es3. I want to assign roles like this:

sg-es0 & sg-es1 : data node

sg-es2: master

sg-es3: client

But the first problem occured, when I set up the cluster, it stuck at searchguard initialized. Then, I change sg-es0 &sg-es1 's role as master, searchguard can initialize.

However, the second problem occured. The cluster cannot be accessed by normal certificate except admin certificate.

pls help me !

  • Search Guard version: 2.4.1 Elasticsearch version:2.4.1

  • Java version: 1.8

  • ES cluster :

4 nodes : including 2 data nodes, 1 master, 1 client

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