Search Guard v23.2 and Kibana Plugin v16 released

Hi all,

we have just released a new version of Search Guard which contains a lot of features and fixes:

Search Guard 23.2 Release Notes

We made a couple of additions to the REST API. We now also support HTTP PATCH requests which expect data in JSON patch format. We support the full range of JSON patch operations, so you can now

  • Make bulk changes, like adding or deleting multiple users or roles with one call
  • Changing only parts of a resource, e.g. adding a new permission to an existing role
  • Clone a user or role by using the JSON patch copy command
  • Rename a resource by using the JSON patch move command

Search Guard 23.2 now also supports Java 11 officially. And, coming with that is experimental support for TLSv1.3 which should bring a huge performance gain over TLSv1.2.

We received some mixed feedback on our decision to stop publishing the Search Guard SSL features as a standalone plugin. While we still move forward on our way to combine the Search Guard and Search Guard SSL code into one repository, we have introduced an SSL only mode to Search Guard:

This makes it possible to only enable the TLS features, and switch off everything else.

Kibana Plugin v16 release notes

Apart from the usual fixes, the Kibana plugin adds the following new features

  • Anonymous login: If you enable anonymous authentication in Search Guard, Kibana users can now enter Kibana without entering any credentials. They will be assigned to the anonymous user and group as configured in Search Guard.
  • Displays the username on the logout button
  • Adds an account overview page that displays a users backend roles and Search Guard roles

We will also release a Search Guard version compatible with Elasticsearch 6.5.x very soon. As the Elasticseach 6.5.0 release was bug ridden and there is already a 6.5.1 release, we will directly jump to 6.5.1, skipping 6.5.0 altogether.

As always, thanks for your support and input!

Jochen and the Search Guard team


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