Search Guard v14, Search Guard 5.4.3 and module updates released!

Hi all,

we’re proud to announce that we have released Search Guard v14 today! Due to some last minute changes, we decided to skip v13 and merge everything in v14.

Search Guard v14

New features and backports



Search Guard 5.4.3-14 and Kibana Plugin 5.4.3-3

We also released Search Guard 5.4.3-14, compatible with Elasticsearch 5.4.3, and the Search Guard Kibana Plugin 5.4.3-3, compatible with Kibana 5.4.3.

You can install it like any other Elasticsearch plugin:

/bin/elasticsearch-plugin install -b com.floragunn:search-guard-5:5.4.3-14

Detailed installation instructions are provided in the official Search Guard documentation:

New features and backports

Audit log module v5

Backports to Search Guard >= v5.3.3

Please note that beginning with Search Guard v14, our EOL policy takes effect. This closely resembles the EOL policy of Elasticsearch. If you’re running an ES version that has reached EOL already or will reach it soon, please upgrade to a supported version soon.

Thanks for your support and input!

Have fun,

Jochen and the Search Guard team


Search Guard (®) is an Elasticsearch plugin that offers encryption, authentication, and authorization.