Search-Guard License from Compliance to Basic

Hi Search Guard team,

Your product is great and my company is in the making decision state (go / no go with Search Guard).
I already got the quoted price from your support.

In the during the decision, I have some questions.

  • Do I need to re-initialize my cluster when the trial mode is expired?
  • With the Basic license, can I still use Kibana with Search Guard plugin? From my understanding, there is no GUI to configure users/roles or etc in Kibana.
  • What is happen if I change my configuration to disable enterprise module? My cluster is broken or it can continue the work.


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  • Your kibana.yml configuration file

When the trial license is expired you need to set ‘searchguard.enterprise_modules_enabled: false’ in elasticsearch.yml on every node and do a rolling cluster restart (or a full cluster restart if you can afford downtime). After the restart the enterprise and compliance feature are turned off and you run the Search Guard community edition. You can still use the Kibana plugin but certain features like the config Gui and multitenancy are no longer available. So nothing should break and no need to re-initialize anything.

Before you start with the above mention process its a good idea to disable (or remove) anything from sg_config.yml which requires a enterprise license to avoid having a lot of errors and warnings in the logs.
Remove anything which refers to ldap, kerberos, json web token (jwt), saml, openid and jwks and upload the sg_config.yml via sgadmin.

See also and

Thanks @cstaley for the details.

In case of CRUD users and roles, I need to run sgadmin to reload the configuration right?.

yes, that is correct.

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