Searchguard Kibana GUI interface has disappeared

Hello everybody,

I use since 1 year Searchguard Standard editions with
searchguard.enterprise_modules_enabled: false

to manage my ELK production cluster.

Since 2 days, the GUI Searchguard into Kibana has disappeared, but I still have my login page for me (admin user), for my collegues and for technical users (logstash…)

So i’m now unable to create or remove users…

Do you have any idea ?

ELK version : 6.5.1

Thank you

The config UI and the REST API that the UI is using have always been enterprise features.

If you set:

searchguard.enterprise_modules_enabled: false

this will disable the REST API, and also the config UI. I don’t what your setting is/was exactly, but as far as I see it, it was never possible to use the UI when enterprise features are disabled.

For the Community Edition, the recommended way to manage the SG config is to use the sgadmin CLI:


Indeed It was the root cause !

Thank you for your answer, i will use the sgadmin CLI now.

Thanks !

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