[search-guard group] How to integrate Search Guard with external authentication backend?

Implement com.floragunn.searchguard.auth.AuthenticationBackend

Example: https://github.com/floragunncom/search-guard-authbackend-ldap/blob/master/src/main/java/com/floragunn/dlic/auth/ldap/backend/LDAPAuthenticationBackend.java
or https://github.com/floragunncom/search-guard/blob/master/src/main/java/com/floragunn/searchguard/auth/internal/InternalAuthenticationBackend.java

Then in sg_config.yml you can use it in the following way:

        enabled: true
        order: 2
          type: basic
          challenge: true
          type: my.package.searchguard.auth.WebServiceAuthentication #this class must implement com.floragunn.searchguard.auth.AuthenticationBackend


Am 16.06.2016 um 12:08 schrieb hongdian.chen@kii.com:


I'm interesting in adopting SearchGuard to secure ElasticSearch.

In addition, I'd like to do authentication through my own web service instead of using sg_internal_users.xml.

However, the document of sg_config.xml doesn't indicate how to achieve the purpose clearly and I didn't find any related tutorials.

Can someone guide me how to do it?

Thanks in advance.

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