Release of SG FLX 1.5

Do you have any release date for version 1.5 ? 1.4 was a security fix only, but I have 2 major bug in current release that should be fixed in next version and I wonder when it will be released. They were open two month ago.

I’m also wondering what the status is on development for newer 8.x branches :slight_smile:

Yes, Elasticsearch is up to 8.11.3, but there is nothing new from SearchGuard since 8.7.1.

I was able to find SearchGuard 1.2.0 for ES 8.8.2 by looking around on the website.

Hi all, the SearchGuard 1.5 for ES 8 is being worked on as we speak and we expect the release in the short future, I will keep you posted.


I see that there’s an 8.9.2 plugin in the directory; is this of at least ‘beta’ quality?

Also curious on why 8.9.2 is the ‘latest’ release I’m seeing, as elasticsearch is now in the 8.11; I’m guessing there are some major re-engineering efforts needed that are well underway?

@mantas Actually I take back that I’m not seeing 8.11versions, I was reading as a human and the directory was sorting as a computer (where 8.1x is lower than 8.9).

Are there any opinions on the state of these 8.11 releases? Are they available for production use with a hint of ‘your mileage may vary’?

I’m very confused by the status of 1.4.1 and 1.5.0. The documentation site is not updated with any of them, see 1.5.0 is only available for ES 8 and sgctl 1.4.1 is not available.

Can we have some details about the current status ?

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