RBAC in Kibana?

Is there a ETA for RBAC in Kibana?

We have several apps in kibana that are not used, and some our typical users should not be accessing.
I would like to be able to create roles that cannot access monitoring, cannot access dev tools, cannot access the management section of kibana, etc…

I was able to find documentation on your site for RBAC (can get to it from Google, but not through site Nav
).So I see it may be in the works.

Since Searchguard is marketed as an Enterprise security solution for Elasticsearch/Kibana, it seems to me RBAC would have already been completed.

Elasticsearch/Kibana have been offering RBAC as part of the basic free xpack license since 6.8/7.1, since we have to disable xpack security in order to use searchguard these features are not available.