OID setting for nodes

Hello everyone,

Sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong place/forum.

I’ve created a PoC using opendistro. Everything works as expected.
Running the whole cluster using docker containers and the only issue I’m facing right now is how to define/set the OID that I’m using in the certificates in the elasticsearch.yml ?

I added an OID to all my certificates but I cannot find the configuration item/name/setting.

If I set the nodes_dn everything works as expected but I don’t want to maintain lists of nodes in configuration files.

Using the OID would make the joining of nodes quite dynamic.

  - 'CN=host1.it.internal...........

I can see the OID in the certificate…

    X509v3 Subject Alternative Name:
        DNS:host1.it.internal, Registered ID:

Any ideas?

Thank you!


Please ask opendistro related questions here: https://discuss.opendistrocommunity.dev

Hi @cstaley,

Thanks for the link. I already asked but nobody seems to be alive there.
Any ideas on how to find out the setting for this ?

How do you set it for sg in elasticsearch.yml ?



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