Now available as public beta: Helm charts for Search Guard

News for users wanting to run Elasticsearch with Search Guard in Kubernetes: We have just released a public beta version of our new Helm charts for Search Guard.

The Helm charts allow you to easily install an Elasticsearch cluster protected by Search Guard in your Kubernetes cluster. The Helm charts offer you a big variety of configuration options to accommodate all your organization’s special needs, such as custom PKI setups, ingress configuration, etc.

To get started, please go to our Gitlab repository at The readme file covers all important aspects of the setup. Have also a look at the examples directory for a number of different example configurations.

Please keep in mind:

  • This is a beta release, so it might still contain some bugs.
  • The configuration is set up by default for Elasticsearch 7.10.2 with Search Guard 49. We are also providing docker images for this setup. For newer Elasticsearch versions, we will be possibly not able to provide docker images due to the ES licensing changes. However, we are providing instructions how you can create the docker images by yourself.
  • Your feedback is welcome and wanted! Please use or forum to write your experiences or go to the Gitlab bug tracker for reporting and tracking issues.

Many greetings from the Search Guard team

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