Need to install SearchGuard in EKS


I want to enable google authentication for Kibana so I came across SearchGuard. I want to install SearchGuard in EKS.

I have deployed ElasticSearch-8.5.1 in EKS using Elastic helm charts.

I’m trying to install the SearchGuard using helm but I have not found any method in documentation to install SearchGuard in Kubernetes.

I came across one resource - Kubernetes Helm Charts | Security for Elasticsearch | Search Guard, so I tried it but it is giving Kubernetes version issue so I commented it and tried then it is giving ImagePullBackOff issue as images are older.

Can anyone please tell me how I can install SearchGuard in Kubernetes and configure it so that I can use it for Kibana to login using Google Authentication?

Thanks in advance!

@akkitux The shared installation guide is outdated and points to deprecated helm charts.
Please use the following link for the up-to-date helm charts.

Thanks @pablo

I will use it.

One more question I have, is it possible to use searchguard for enabling google SSO for kibana in free version?

@pablo, search-guard-flx is not present in

I tried installing it and getting error

Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: failed to download "search-guard/search-guard-flx"

I have also checked the repo

🕙 11:36:37 ❯ helm search repo search-guard
NAME                          	CHART VERSION	APP VERSION	DESCRIPTION                                     
search-guard/search-guard-helm	2.1.2        	           	The Search Guard protected Elasticsearch cluster

Only search-guard-helm is present and that too requires older kubernetes version

🕙 11:33:26 ❯ helm install sg-elk search-guard/search-guard-helm -n elk-sg
Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: chart requires kubeVersion: >= 1.16 <= 1.21 which is incompatible with Kubernetes v1.26.1

Can you please check?

@akkitux Please try the following instead. The default configuration will deploy ES and Kibana 8.7.1 with SG FLX 1.4.0. The ES cluster will have 3 tiers of nodes by default: 2x client, 2x data, 3x master

git clone

cd ./search-guard-flx-helm-charts

helm install sg-flx .

The helm repository seems to be outdated too. I’ll report it to the Dev team.

@akkitux I haven’t tried Google SSO, but SG works perfectly with Azure, AWS, Okta, PingID, keycloak. I assume it should also work with Google.

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