No permissions for [cluster:admin:searchguard:authtoken/_own/search

Hi folks,

I have a user who wants to see his logs. He is logged in via openid and has correct backend roles configured and mapped to search guard roles. If I map my testuser to this roles I see all logs as expected. If the user does the same he sees nothing in Discovery and in the browser console one can observe following error:

{"statusCode": 403,"error": "Forbidden","message": "security_exception: [security_exception] Reason: no permissions for [cluster:admin:searchguard:authtoken/_own/search]

What permissions I need to set in the Role to get rid of this permissions error?


@Kosmonafft Could you share your config.yml, roles.yml and roles_mapping.yml files?
Does your regular user connect to the same tenant as testuser?

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