Need a Compatible version of search guard for ELK 8.0

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Elasticsearch version: ELK 8.0

Server OS version: Windows 2019

Kibana version (if relevant): kibana 8.0

Browser version (if relevant):

Browser OS version (if relevant):

Describe the issue: I wan to install the Search guard Plugin for ELK 8.0 Version and i am unable to find the compatible version for it

Steps to reproduce:

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kibana/config/kibana.yml (if relevant)

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Kibana (if relevant)

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Hi - Search Guard 8 is not out yet. We are currently working on finalizing the next generation of Search Guard (Security for Elasticsearch | Search Guard Documentation), which will become the basis for SG8. We will keep you updated on the progress and timeline.

Is there a Compatible version of Search Guard which i can use for ELK 8 Version. ELK has already have come up with 8 version and it has moved to 8.2 . Is there an upgrade of SG coming soon… is there a date that we can think of

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