Missing discoverQueryHits in kibana UI

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Elasticsearch version:
Server OS version:
Kibana version (if relevant):
Browser version (if relevant):

Browser OS version (if relevant):
Google Chrome

Describe the issue:
Missing number of hits on Kibana discover page

Steps to reproduce:
1.Upgrade from 7.4.0 to 7.7.1

Expected behavior:
Results are displayed

Screenshots (if relevant):

Errors in browser console (if relevant):

Additional data:

Missing discoverQueryHits


Just to confirm this works with searchgaurd - Install Elasticsearch with Docker | Elasticsearch Guide [8.4] | Elastic

I did test with above

I can reproduce this. I put this in the bug fix queue.

There is a snapshot build where this issue should be fixed: https://releases.floragunn.com/snapshot/search-guard-kibana-plugin-7.7.1-42.1.0-SNAPSHOT.zip

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