MIgration to Kibana multi tenancy whilst keeping settings, visualisations etc

Searchguard version is 6.25.5.

I’m looking at switching from a set up where we have a Kibana instance for each team, (meaning we have an ever increasing number of Kibana servers and a team can’t use Kibana whilst their Kibana is being upgraded), to having N Kibana instances with multi-tenancy enabled, each team having their own tenancy and being able to use any Kibana instance. Such a switch is only viable if we can preserve team’s Kibana settings, visualisations, etc but I can’t find any information on how do that. Is there a guide somewhere I haven’t found or does anyone have any advice on doing it? Is it even possible? Is it maybe as simple (for some value of simple :D) as using the Elasticsearch reindexing API to copy everything from the existing Kibana indices in to the new indices that get created for tenancies?

This would be a manual reindex process where each .kibana index of the kibana team instances need to be “copied” to the respective tenant index (with Search Guard Multitenancy every tenant has a separate .kibana index like described here https://docs.search-guard.com/latest/kibana-multi-tenancy#multitenancy.

So i suggest to first define and create all the tenants and “copy” (via reindex) the contents of the former .kibana indices.

@jkressin anything to add?

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