Long optimization of kibana during start up on kubernetes/openshift


how do you deal with the extremely long optimization time of kibana during the deployments on kubernetes or (in my case) openshift?

From this documentation I learned that this is a well known issue: https://docs.search-guard.com/latest/troubleshooting-kibana. But as for me I am not able to increase the memeory to 8 GB since I have limited quotas.

Regarding the second suggestion of using "--no-optimize" flag: Do you know how it influence kibana? And where would you pass this argument in your Dockerfile? To the kibana executable?


Yes, this is a well-known Kibana issue which exists since v6 https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/25849

If you can’t increase the size of the NodeJS heap, unpack SG and move it manually into the kibana/plugins folder. This way, Kibana does optimization while starting.

For example

wget https://maven.search-guard.com/search-guard-kibana-plugin-release/com/floragunn/search-guard-kibana-plugin/7.8.1-43.0.0/search-guard-kibana-plugin-7.8.1-43.0.0.zip
unzip search-guard-kibana-plugin-7.8.1-43.0.0.zip 
mv kibana/searchguard-kibana-7.8.1-43.0.0 /path/to/kibana/plugins/searchguard

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