Kibana username

I noticed the following warning when starting up kibana-7.10.2:

kibana[12465]: Setting [elasticsearch.username] to "kibana" is deprecated. You should use the "kibana_system" user instead

The searchguard documentation states we should be using kibanaserver as username.

Which one should it be ?

@faxmodem kibana user was a service account in version 6.x. Since version 7.x the user kibana has been deprecated and replaced with kibana_system.

kibana_system is a built-in user for Kibana. However, in SG the kibanaserver user is the default user and is used to communicate with the SG plugin in Elasticsearch.

Since you’re using the SG plugin to secure the cluster, kibanaserver is the user you should use.

You can use a custom user by setting the value of the dynamic.kibana.server_username option in sg_config.yml.

I see that I do have that setting set to kibana.
So in order to have a clean config, am I right in saying that I should remove dynamic.kibana.server_username from sgconfig, and use kibanaserver in kibana.yml ?

@faxmodem Correct.

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