Kibana plugin doesn't seem to be linked with conf files


I’m using the demo version and the version 24.2 of the plugin. The plugin is working for the encryption part but I have a question regarding the kibana plugin and the conf files.

I don’t know if this is a normal behavior or an issue but when I add a new user through kibana UI it is not written in the conf file (sg_internal_users.yml for this example). This is the case for both directions and for other conf files too.

Did I missed something in the installation guide ? If no, what’s the point of not having them synchronized ?

My conf files are the default ones with the modifications from these guides :

Thanks in advance, tell me if you need more information or my conf files.

This is not how Search Guard works. The configuration is stored in an Elasticsearch index to enable configuration hot reloading. You do not need to place any configuration files on your actual nodes. The configuration files are merely shipped to “seed” or populate the index with demo users and roles. See also here:

To download the current configuration from a running cluster you can either use sgadmin:

Or alternatively the REST API:

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Thanks a lot, this is what I was missing.