Kibana plugin cookie names

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With the new version of the plugin it’s now possible to configure the name of all used cookies.

I was thinking you meant only the very latest version, which seems to be v38 which only works with Elasticsearch 7 and which would be no use to me yet as we’re still using Elasticsearch 6. But the change log for the Kibana plugin in the latest version of Search Guard which works with Elasticsearch 6


Configurable cookie names #PR 306

So that that led to me to look at the PR, then grep the contents of /usr/share/kibana/plugins/searchguard on a Kibana node and find that the code to enable configuration of the cookie names appears to be there. So apparently this functionality has been added in 6.x-25. But the documentation at HTTP Basic Authentication | Elasticsearch Security | Search Guard still only lists one option for configuring cookie names,

So is configuring all three cookie names officially supported in 6.x-25? I’m wary of using configuration options that are not mentioned in the documentation.

Hi @mikew,

Yes, we remembered you’re using v6, so we backported this feature into the plugin for v6 as well.
I just haven’t done my homework regarding the documentation yet - will do!

So in short - yes, this is officially supported in the latest version of the plugin for Kibana, even for v6.

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Cool. It’s working as expected, thanks! (Though I am currently looking at moving to a model where we use tenants in Kibana which would mean we explicitly don’t want to customise cookie names per-host, but it’s still nice to have the option to do so. :smiley: )

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